School Nursing Practice Framework™

The National Association of School Nurse's (NASN) School Nursing Practice Framework™ (Framework) creates an overarching structure that includes concepts integral to the complex clinical specialty practice of school nursing. The Framework provides a graphic illustration of the key principles of professional school nursing practice, reflecting the organization's stance for evidence-based best practice and providing focus to priority school nursing activities. The Framework is an invaluable tool for advancing the practice of school nursing and emphasizing the student-centered activities school nurses perform to support student health, safety, and readiness to learn. NASN believes it has a responsibility to its members and to the public it serves to develop, and routinely evaluate a framework for professional school nursing practice.

NOTE: NASN debuted the Framework in 2016. The original Framework was evaluated and updated to ensure its continued alignment with the education and healthcare landscape and rereleased in 2024.


Below are several tools to support you in understanding and incorporating the Framework into your nursing practice.

NASN School Nurse article

NASN School Nurse podcast

Framework Handout

Framework Presentation: Customizable template to be used to introduce and explain the Framework

Framework Chart: A table displaying alignment of competencies with Framework principles

Tell Us How You Are Using the Framework

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Guidelines for Usage

Use of NASN's Framework graphic and/or chart must follow usage guidelines. If you have questions, please reach out to Kate McDuffie at

Guidelines for Framework Usage
This information comes from NASN's Identity Manual. 

Guidelines for Reprint

To reprint NASN Framework materials, a 'request for permission to reprint' form must be completed and submitted to NASN.

NOTE: Permission is not required for personal use of the Framework materials (e.g., sharing a copy with an administrator, or hanging a copy in a school health office). However, usage guidelines must still be followed.

Request for Permission to Reprint form 
Open the form, save it to your device (computer), edit it, re-save it, and then email it to NASN.


National Association of School Nurses. (2024). A contemporary Framework update for today’s school nursing landscape: Introducing the School Nursing Practice FrameworkTM. NASN School Nurse, 0(0). doi:10.1177/1942602X241241092

Introductory Video


NASN School Nursing Practice Framework Image


NASN School Nursing Practice Framework Handout