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Be An Influencer!

Nearly 5,000 school nurses have joined through referrals from NASN members.

Refer your colleagues to NASN and earn a $10 NASN e-commerce credit for each colleague who joins. Credits can be used toward payments for membership dues, event registrations, merchandise, and publications. 

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How has NASN Enhanced Your School Nursing Practice

Making the Case for Membership

Familiarize yourself with the vast benefits of NASN membership

Refer to the Just for NASN Members web page. Keep membership materials with you including the resources listed below.

Have a brief testimonial about how NASN enhanced your practice

Refer to the video above for inspiration. Remember why you joined and how your membership experience with NASN has benefited your practice; maybe you had an unforgettable experience at a meeting or conference, or joined because you enjoy reading the journal subscriptions, or gained valuable information from NASN Learning Center. 

Print a few NASN Strong Vouchers

Print and complete vouchers to have on hand and ready to share. The voucher includes key benefits of membership, a link to the online application, and a space where you can insert your membership name, email, and NASN ID. This will make it easy for a new member to "credit" you with the referral.

Engage with prospective members

Identify individuals in your professional network who could benefit from NASN membership. When you are networking and meeting new individuals, consider asking if they are a member of NASN. Ask about their professional development needs and what types of information or resources would be useful to them. Based on their responses, highlight the NASN resources that address expressed needs.

Mention the New Member Scholarship

The New Member Scholarship awards a $1,500 scholarship to attend the NASN annual conference. New members between 4/1 and 3/31 each year are automatically entered into a random drawing.

Refer prospective members to NASN's website

If more information is needed, let NASN's website do the "talking."

Invite school nurses to join and tell them how to join.

Share an NASN Strong Voucher. It includes a link to the membership application.

Follow up, check in to see if they need more information.

Thank them for considering an NASN membership.