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Lynn Nelson, MSN, RN, NCSN

Lynn Nelson

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Lynn Nelson, MSN, RN, NCSN

President-Elect Candidate

Current NASN Affiliate: School Nurse Organization of Washington (SNOW)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: Administration/Management, Consultant, Educator, School Nurse - Elementary, Secondary & Postsecondary

Education: Saint Martin's University, Leadership and Health Care Policy, MSN/1999; Saint Martin's College, Nursing Major/Psychology Minor, BSN/1989; South Puget Sound Community College, Nursing, ADN/1984

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: Washington State Nurses Association Excellence in Practice Award, 2017; School Nurse Association of Washington School Nurse Administrator of the Year, 2013; Johnson and Johnson Fellowship for School Health Leadership, 2013

Employment: Senior Director, Health Services and Student Support, Capital Region ESD 113, 2002 - Present: Direct program management for the School Nurse Corps, Nurse Case Management, and Education Advocate programs. Administrative oversight for GRAVITY Open Doors Learning Centers, STEM/Career Connected Learning, and Attendance/Reengagement programs. Role includes staffing and/or supporting learning support programs for up to 45 school districts, including recruitment, personnel management, training and supervision of staff, development and management of contracts; grant development and management; budget development and oversight; development of regional professional development program; providing consultation to district administrators, staff and families related to student health and social service needs; working collaboratively with public health and youth/family serving agencies to provide programs and services in communities within regional service areas.

Other Significant Positions Held: School Nurse, North Thurston Public Schools, 1997 - 2002; Home Health and Hospice Manager, Providence Sound Home Care and Hospice, 1990-1996

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: Ethics Advisory Committee Chair, 2019 - Present; Executive Committee, 2019 - Present; Committee on Advocacy (formerly Strategic Goal Committee for Advocacy and Membership, 2018 - Present; Washington State Director, 2018 - Present

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: NA

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: NASN Director, 2018 - Present

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: Legislative Committee Chair, 2008 - 2017

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: NA

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: Washington State Nurses Association Legislative and Health Policy Council, 2015 - 2021

Publications Significant to School Nursing:

  • McClanahan, R., Meuret, C., Nelson, L., Nichols, A., Shannon, R.A., & Stahlnecker, L. National Association of School Nurses (2021). A Model for School Nurse-Led Case Management.
  • Gray, L., Klein, N., Meuret, C., Nelson, L., & Stahlnecker, L. (2020). Care Coordination: A Principle of 21st Century School Nursing Practice with a Focus on Case Management. NASN School Nurse, 35(4), 210-223. https://doi.org/10.1177/1942602X20928345

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

  • Bobo, N., Daniel, M., Johnson, T., Klein, N., Nelson, L., & Peoples, B. (2019, May 23-24). Supporting the Whole Child: Partnering with Nurse Case Managers. OSPI 2019 Student Support Conference, Wenatchee, WA.
  • Gray, L., Klein, N., & Nelson, L. (2019, July). Washington Tiered System of School Nurse Supports. School Nurse International, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • ,li> Nelson, L., & Stahlnecker; L. (2012, June).Exploring Nurse Case Management and Student Learning. National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Research Significant to School Nursing: NA

Statement of View: I believe that the collective trauma experienced during the global pandemic by school nurses, educators, students, and families will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

I welcome this opportunity to present myself as a candidate for the office of President-Elect. My professional career includes current service as Senior Director of Health Services and Student Support at Capital Area Educational Service District #113, in Tumwater, Washington, and significant volunteer work centered around policy advocacy. My practice is grounded in the belief that providing quality service for children must include an intentional focus on equity.

Challenges and opportunities include:

Equitable access to high-quality nursing services. Access to care should not depend on zip code or district size. NASN can assist nurses to practice to the full scope of their licensure and work collaboratively with other professionals to provide the supports children need to be in school, safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Additionally, NASN must provide evidence-based practice information and professional development to ensure that all students receive highquality care.

Ending the historical devaluing of school nurses. Working conditions and pay for school nurses must be on par with nurses in other practice arenas. NASN can lead advocacy work to end the long-tolerated notion that school nurses are inherently worth less than their peers.

Stabilization of the school nurse workforce. Recruitment and retention must be supported with strong policy advocacy. NASN can also provide research to support best practices, as well as meaningful professional development including school health fundamentals coupled with mentoring opportunities.

Repairing relationships damaged by pandemic policies. Relationships with educators and families were damaged as our culture politicized public health. NASN can help members restore effective collaboration so that we emerge in partnership to serve students.

Thank you for your consideration.

This President-Elect candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.