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School Assembly Featuring Dr. Drew Pinsky

Dr. Drew Pinsky participated in an educational school assembly at the King Drew Magnet High School for Medicine and Science in Los Angeles. The program was attended by students from both King Drew and Carson High Schools.

The assembly addressed the growing problem of teen prescription drug abuse and addiction and offered important information about what parents, teens and educators can do to take action.

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Dr. Drew's overview of this serious issue and its risks and consequences.

What is Addiction?

Dr. Drew leads an in-depth conversation about drug addiction and differences between abuse and addiction.

Why Teens Abuse

Dr. Drew engages students in a compelling discussion about why teens abuse prescription drugs.

Kyle's Story

Kyle Rumple shares his absorbing story of drug abuse and recovery.

Q&A With Kyle

Kyle fields questions and opens up about his experience.

Smart Moves for Teens

Dr. Drew offers smart choices that teens can make around prescription drug abuse.

School Nurses and Educators Take Action

Amy Garcia of the National Association of School Nurses and Principal Michelle Woods offer sound advice to their colleagues.

Q&A With Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew fields questions from students and parents in this honest exchange.

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