Take Action: Hold an Assembly

Educators: Hold an Assembly at Your School

Every day, 2,500 young people use a prescription pain reliever to get high for the first time.

Unfortunately, many teens are not aware of the potentially serious consequences of abusing prescription drugs or mixing prescription drugs with alcohol and other illegal substances.

In 2007, the Smart Moves, Smart Choices program kicked off a series of school assemblies that brought together students, educators, parents and community members to initiate a dialogue on the issue of teen prescription drug abuse.

As educators and school nurses, you can make a difference.

By holding an assembly in your community, you can educate middle and high school students and their parents about the risks of teen prescription drug abuse and empower them to take action by making Smart Moves, Smart Choices.

School Assembly Tool Kit

A school assembly tool kit is available, free-of-charge for you to download. Template materials can easily be customized to help you hold a parent or student assembly at your school.

Available Material

  1. Student Assembly Agenda and Speaker Remarks: A guide to hosting a 30-minute assembly geared toward students, featuring a Smart Moves, Smart Choices video presentation.
  2. Parent Assembly Agenda and Speaking Remarks: A guide to hosting a 45-minute interactive assembly for parents, featuring a Smart Moves, Smart Choices video presentation.
  3. Assembly Flyer to Post at Your School: Designed to promote and drive attendance to your assembly.

Download Toolkits

Download Tool Kits

Student Assembly Tool Kit.pdf
Parent Assembly Tool Kit.pdf
Assembly Flyer Template.pdf

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